Monday, April 5, 2010

WestCo Co-op Conference

This past weekend Davis hosted WestCo, the regional co-op conference. Detailed event listings are on the Conference Schedule. On Saturday afternoon a few dozen people mounted the various wild and crazy whymcycles generously provided by Peter Wagner to ride out to Sunwise for Derek's highly anticipated Bee Workshop!

Though clad head to toe in his protective bee suit, Derek opens the hive and handles the frame with bare hands. He explains:

"I have better dexterity this way, so I'm less likely to crush any bees and make other bees mad at me."

He handles the bee-covered frames with ease and without incident, even catching one of the stinger-less drones gently between his fingers to pass around to the audience. In his final act, Derek demonstrates how to remove a bee stinger from his own arm -- once he finally manages to persuade an old bee to sting him!

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