Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Works begin at the new lot!

This beautiful sign hand-painted by Danielle Fodor welcomes every curious passerby wondering what in the world will happen on this land...
Like the most rare collectors' coins, this work of art also contains a funny mistake...can you catch it?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tour De Cluck!

Sunwise Chickens star on the front page of the Enterprise for their participation in the first annual Davis Tour de Cluck, a bicycle powered tour of backyard chicken coops. Over six months in planning, the event was epic, with its 500 tickets selling out weeks in advance and riders coming from as far as LA to participate (the tour was a fundraiser for the Farm to School connection).    The Tour fell on Sunwise work day, and our four new chicks spent their first day in the sun helping weed in the chicken tractor while some 300 cyclists came by to check them out!  See if you can spot them in this music video of the Tour:

All Clucked Up! from Rusty Rogers on Vimeo.

The film-maker Alvin Remmers also documented much of the tour, look out for his entry in the Davis Bicycle film festival next October!  Read more about the tour on Davis Voice blog