Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Socks seeking mates

With eight people doing laundry and everything being line dry, there's a lot of shuffle of clothing.   Spring brings leaves to the trees and color to the handsome outside lines.  Rains send the laundry scattering back inside.  And in the chaos, the inevitable stragglers are always the socks.  It's a tough life being a sock.  That's why we all almost fell over laughing when we encountered this ingenious board setup by April, our newest housemate!  Below a sign reading "Socks Seeking Mates" are single socks with cute personal ads pinned below them.  So next time you see a lonely blue sock, you can't help but remember it's partner on the board! 

Sunwise-print reusable vegetable bags

Unveiled at the last house meeting -- the much anticipated reusable cloth bags for produce purchases!  The bags are hand sewn by our very own Barb who also screen printed each with a handsome rooster above the words "Sunwise Coop."  A promising step in our waste-reduction campaign!  Swapping chores on the pegboard in the foreground.